Below are Jammat times for Eid al Adha Salah at the Shah Jahan Mosque. All sessions are open to men and women. There will be speeches made 30 minutes before the Jammat.

7:00am Shaykh Naveed Arif

8:00am Hafiz Muhammad Akram

9:15am Ustaad Muhammad Khalil

10:45am Imam Saeed Hashmi

Please note:

•Special programme from Fajr until the first Salah (see poster)

•Please arrive on time and try walking to the Mosque. This helps reduce traffic congestion and is more rewarding

•The Mosque car park aswell as the James Walker car park will be open for use. Please do not park at St Pauls Church as they have a Sunday service

•Please co-operate with our team of volunteers at all times

•There will be fun activities for children aswell as ice cream and candy floss available after Prayers

JazakAllah Khair