Shah Jahan Development Project

Over the years it has become apparent that some of the current Mosque facilities have become outdated and not fit for purpose. We feel that there is a need for improvement so that we can maximise the usage of the space to its full potential.

The Mosque Management Team have worked with the local community to develop a plan that will benefit all those who currently use the facility. We feel it is important to have a place to promote community cohesion. The new facilities will enable different groups to benefit, for example we will have the space to host Mother and Toddler Groups, meeting rooms and a space to hire for small weddings.

The proposal is intended to fulfil current and future community needs.

Development 1 – Hall 4 

This is situated adjacent to Hall 3, it currently houses the male and female WCs, wudu area and a kitchen. 

There is a need for the WC and wudu areas to be modernised. The current state is dilapidated and it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the area and to upkeep a high level of hygiene and cleanliness. This is a project that we have been working towards for a number of years. Sadly at the moment we are being let down by the state of these facilities. These are in constant use by daily worshippers, visitors to the Masjid, School Groups and the students at the Madrassa.

The diagram proposes an increase in the number of WCs, a larger wudu area and other facilities such as a baby changing area. This will all be new and easy to maintain if any issues arise. There will be a modern food canteen where food can be stored before serving. 

The Mortuary and Ghusl area will also be situated in this hall with ramp access.

Development 2 – Hall 5 

This is situated on the right-hand side as you enter the Mosque grounds. It is currently derelict with a ghusl area at the far end. 

Please note the draft plans below will keep the existing structural dimensions of current approved plan the same and only change the internal use with additional windows and accesses. Because of this the current planning permission will require a minor update. 

Our aim is to use this hall to create a series of multifunction areas that can be used to cater for the variety of needs that our community has. 

On the ground floor we want to create a large open space that can be used for Nikkah ceremonies, funeral gatherings (poori), school visits and a whole host of other gatherings. There will be the option to create 3 smaller rooms using this space with wall dividers. This will ensure that the space is being used to its full potential. There will also be a Cafeteria area with removable seating, WCs and a wudu area.

The first floor will have 3 rooms that can be used for teaching, meetings or can be hired for business use.

As you can see from our plans, an ample amount of time and thought has gone into them to ensure that our community needs are being met. Our community is growing and we want to be able to provide a space that is available for all to use and benefit from.

If you have any comments we would love to hear them – please complete the following form.  Thank you.

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