As an Islamic School, all staff and students are expected to actively follow and our mission statement: “To know Allah, know his Beloved Muhammad, peace be upon him, and love Him more than oneself and your family”, as the Prophet, peace be upon Him, said “None of you believe until he loves Me more than his children, his parents, and all of mankind”.

We, therefore encourage all our teachers and students to outwardly show their love for Allah and His Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, in their daily lives, whether at the Madrasa or elsewhere. 

Our ethos at the Shah Jahan Madrasa is simple ‘Every child is unique and every learning experience should be personalised.’ This is supported by a curriculum that not only educates but also builds on the individual’s confidence in recognising their identity as British Muslims. We want our students to feel proud of being a British Muslim by fulfilling their religious duties and making positive contributions to society. 

We are living in a time where many young Muslims are uncomfortable with their own faith and are faced with constant pressures of ‘growing up’ and ‘acceptance’ within society today.  Our students are encouraged to educate themselves and break away from such stereotypes with knowledge itself.

We, as an Islamic School are committed to ensuring a high level of education along with the morals and values that Islam teaches.  As a Madrasa our aim is to develop a school environment by providing every student of the Shah Jahan Madrasa an enjoyable learning experience and spiritual growth. We promote respect and tolerance for all religions and beliefs and ensure all our staff, students, visitors and volunteers are treated equally, regardless of their background or gender.

May Allah give us all tawfiq in fulfilling this trust that He has placed on us.


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