Nikkah Booking Form

This form needs be completed and the terms agreed to prior to a Nikkah booking. The fee for the Nikkah is £200.00 which MUST be paid before the Nikkah, bank details will be provided via email once the booking is confirmed. Due to Covid-19 guidelines it is imperative that ALL rules outlined in the terms MUST be adhered to, if there is a breach of these rules the Nikkah will NOT be conducted.

  • Please arrive on time late arrivals may lead to the Nikkah NOT being conducted
  • Passports of bride & groom need to be brought as proof of ID
  • Payment for the booking MUST be made prior to the booking date
  • Guest’s both male and female are required to be dressed modestly and follow the etiquette and respect of the Mosque i.e. head covered, body fully covered etc.
  • If guests are dressed inappropriately the Nikkah may NOT be conducted
  • A guest list of names of people attending the Nikkah (maximum 12) needs to be provided prior to the booking date
  • Anyone not on the guest list will NOT be allowed to enter the Mosque
  • Temperatures and details will be logged (test & trace) before entry
  • Anyone with a temperature over 37.8 will NOT be granted entry
  • Social distancing rules MUST to be followed at all times
  • Face coverings MUST be worn at all times
  • There is to be no physical contact i.e. hugging, hand shaking whilst on the premises