Hafiz Hashmi

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Imam Hafiz Hashmi is the Head Imam and Head of Education at Shah Jahan Mosque. He has a Masters in Arabic and Classical Islamic Sciences, Masters in Political Science and 20 years experience as a senior Imam. Alongside religious services at the mosque for example 5 daily prayers, conducting Nikkah (wedding ceremony), leading funerals, and counselling (social and domestic issues). He is also involved in dealing with community matters, engaging with the youth via sports and other activities. He is an active member and trustee of the Surrey Muslim Association (platform of Mosques and Islamic Centres in Surrey) and he is involved in interfaith work in Surrey.

The aims of Mosque include promoting peace and harmony within the community; Imam Hashmi is actively involved in achieving this aim by being active in interfaith dialogue and meeting people from all backgrounds and faiths and no faith.

Hafiz Akram

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Hafiz Muhammad Akram is the mosques secondary imam and has been serving the Masjid since 1993. He has completed Hifdth of the Quran as well as islamic studies in Pakistan.

Ustādh Naveed

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Ustādh Naveed was born here in Woking and attended the Shah Jahan Madrasa as a child and grew up as a member of the congregation.

In early 2010 Ustādh Naveed left the UK with his family in pursuit of sacred knowledge. He initially travelled to Syria enrolling at the Abu Nur Institute in Damascus to study Arabic Language. He also focussed on Qur’anic recitation reading to Sh Anas al-Hibri, whilst also attending lessons of the scholars of Damascus such as Shaykh Sa’id Ramadān Būti and Shaykh Tawfīq Būti.

In 2011 Ustadh Naveed travelled to the blessed city of Tarīm to study at the prestigious Dar al-Mustafa Islamic Seminary. Here Ustadh Naveed continued his studies in the Islamic sciences such as Tafsīr, Fiqh, Aqida, Sīra, Hadīth, Tasawwuf, Nahu, Balāgha.

His teachers include the Mufti of Tarīm, Habīb Alī al-Mashūr, Habīb Umar bin Hafīdh, Sh Umar al-Khatīb, Habīb Kādhim al-Saqqāf, Sh Tāha bin Abdul Hamīd Hamādī and Sh Mukhtār Jāmil amongst others.

In 2017 Ustadh Naveed returned to the UK and took the position of Head of Education at the Shah Jahan Mosque